Tuesday, May 31, 2011

On the jäätie

Looking for northern light, we just found a frozen lake, a road on there, thousands of tiny islands, such a warm welcoming, the mirage of a seal, the iceroad and the Pulla. 26.03.2011 (I am so late ...).

Fishing part 1

For a frenetic moment, go fishing silakka (baltic herring) during the reproduction time next to Lauttasaari bridge. A line full of big fat hooks, lures or not, whatever and just remove these fishes as you were shoveling them out of the sea. They are so stupid and crazy that they will do anyting to get caught. It was funny to see the grand-ma bringing 10 fishes at each throw from their line and hear our young neighbour pesting while catching nothing!

Why are the fish so shiny, silvery? read the Kalevala to know everything!

I was there with Matthieu, what a fishing enthusiast. 10.05.2011

Last photo: a day full of wind, sun and hope but fishless. Troutless. Next time or another....