Monday, May 27, 2013


Talkoot at Mäntysaari. Talkoot is the pleasure of doing work together. Finding the fallen trees, making them log-long with the chainsaw and carry all that wood to the sauna. I bet the next sauna I will have there will feel very special.
Ah yeah, speaking of the joy of working, breaks are still the most important moments. 26.05.2013

Country side road!

Biking in the country side of Helsinki to visit relatives of Tuisku. Quite crazy, a day of biking from the capital and the place feels very very remote! Anyway, awsome tour and nice time at Tuisku's dad and at Jussi's. 10.05.2013

Rintamamiestalo : the very typical house that was given to people who had lost their land during WWII.
Isn't that an awsome activity?