Saturday, June 9, 2012

Visiting Käärmeluoto

 And what about paying a visit to the archipelago? It is just there, always laying in the background that we forget it.

So here I am, loading the kayak with tent and food for a day and hop. On the way, some small talk with other kayakers, greeting some fishermen trying hard to get the zanders and some colonies of seabirds. They reproduce our human society on tiny rocky island. Not 20 m long but separated in three zones for three different species. And what a fuss when a goose goes in the tern district! It feels then war in the sky.

I went to Käärmeluoto, selected with so much care the camping spot and enjoy my menu: pasta, sunset and view on the archipelago.

For sure we find fine accomodation in Helsinki.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The seagulls and the floating sauna.

Speaking Finnish seriously opens doors.

On Tuesday, työväen retkeilyliitto members meets at 18h at Laajalahdensatama. For 4 euro, it is possible to borrow a kayak and join them for an paddling evening. It seems that not everybody is here for profit after all. So big up for the people who organized this.

We went paddling around Seurasaari. The wind was quite strong at the start, making shorts splashing wave and a bit of excitement. Around Seurasaari, there are a couple of islands that are off-limit for visitor to leave the nesting birds in peace. In peace? They can be hundred, flying above the island in flying shouting ball that is stinking strong bird shit. That's worth the trip.
On the way back, beautiful light that was turning water into pure gold and silver. On the middle of the bay, a raft, a sauna on top of it, a man cutting wood and a fishing rod. It is like that. 05.06.2012