Saturday, September 7, 2013

Biking Western Estonia.

Biking trip to Estonia. Rediscovering the shores of the Baltic, cliffs, shallow fine sand beaches and breaking waves. Visiting lighthouses, abandoned, swimming or turned into museum. Passing through the abandoned military camp of the Soviet with touristic signboards inviting visitors to go have fun in the bunker with a flashlight. Protecting the stove from stormy wind to cook Saaremaa ham pasta in the loud music of the waves. Receiving and stealing apples on the way, looking for swimming spots, relaxing on island ferries, warming up at the bone fire lighted up for the lost sailors, searching for culinary tastes of Estonia. And being amazed by the variety of the bus stop designs. About 700 km of side roads, taking all the detours and sand roads to check some nice piece of coast, nomadic holidays. 08-09.2013

P.S. And thanks to Carsten Jensen for his excellent book "Nous, les noyés" ("Vi, de druknede").

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