Saturday, November 29, 2014

winter sea kayak to Suomenlinnna

I previously held the view that sea kayaking in winter was an extreme hardship only suitable for pain-seeking people. I was wrong. I put on a magic suit: the dry suit and was ready for my first trip around Helsinki just after the first snow. Direction Suomenlinna! 
So first myth: I was not cold at all during the four hours on the water. Apart from that, the waterways are very quiet, the whole seaside feels sleepy. The first snow transformed completely the landscape and brought a lot of sought-after light in this month of November. The arrival in Suomenlinna had also a particular feeling, perfectly still water, wrapped up boats, everything seems to be waiting for the next summer. We enjoyed some pulla at the cafe of the museum and head back to the base through Länsisatama. Beautiful day!


Monday, November 17, 2014

Suomenlinna, 13 m/s, 4°C

Y a qu'à se poser toute au sud de l'île de Suomenlinna dans l'obscurité totale et écouter le vent siffler aux oreilles et les masses d'eau s'abattre sur le granite et on ressent la délicieuse impression d'être au bord d'une mer sans pitié, blindé de légendes et lourdes d'histoire.

Suomenlinna, 26.10.2014

Telliskivi, Tallinn

Get out of the bar or the cosy cafe, wander out of the medieval town, jump on a shrieking tram, pay the driver through the small hatch. Stop at the Russian market, go buy some salted mushroom from the babushkas. Resume walking and enter Telliskivi area. Old industrial area transformed into a creative space. Theatre, various stages, cafes, graffiti and industrial ruin landscape. What else?
Tallinn, 16.11.2014