Thursday, December 6, 2012

Hunting for the sun in December

We went for a hunt that day of December. We managed to catch it and shot it (with camera) from the shore by Kaivopuisto. The view never let me down from there, especially at winter! 02.12.12

Sailing cancelled.

For the last day of November, a pikkujoulu was planned on board of Valborg. Unfortunately, the wind and waves kept us ashore. So instead of sailing, we made some rope work, salted the deck, saved some small boats that were taking water and plainly froze in the blizzard. That was an exciting Friday night for sure. 30.11.2012

Kaisaniemen yliopisto kirasto

I paid a visit to the newly renovated university library in Kaisaniemi. The result is quite inspiring,  large spaces, large windows, quiet. I made some good work there. Probably the view on the ragging storm Antti from the peace of the library added a lot to my experience. By the way, this is what a first day of snow looks like in Helsinki.