Sunday, March 18, 2012

Kantava hanki - commuting by ski

It happened rather early this year in Helsinki. After a few cycles of warm days and cold nights, the snow forms a solid crust that can carry one's weight: kantava hanki in Finnish. For me this means the possibility to cross the frozen sea of Laajalahti in no time to go to work. A picture of my commuting trip. 07.03.3012

I take the opportunity to mention another blog: the Finnish snow dictionnary.

Kaivopuiston tähtitorni - star observatory of Kaivopuisto

What about having a glance at the four moons of Jupiter tonight? Or see the surface of the moon through a telescope? Aim at a clear sky night and head to kaivopuisto observatory. A small fee, a guy explaining what is to be seen and two telescopes, here you are. 08.03.2012