Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sea adventure

My first boat: Bourrasque. I paddle it from Vuosaari to Laajalahti on a beautiful day. I saw the very rich shore line of east Helsinki, the busy south harbour, I was surrounded by sea birds near Puolimatkansaari. I got the triple greeting of MS baltic princess, a 200 m long ship that felt like saying me:" you are smaller, get out of the way". Then the very calm laajalahti.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Baltic herring frenzy

The guy who created this country thought it was so harsh to get one's food here that for two weeks twice a year, there would be free fish for all.
 Twice a year, balting herrings (silakka) comes in huge flocks mate by the shore and their meeting point in Helsinki is where  Lauttasaari bridge meets Ruoholahti. For two weeks, the place is full of eager fishermen taking bucketfull of baltic herrings in 2 hours, catching up to 12 herrings at one throw! The docks is full of a sort of euphoria, it is a bit like if everybody was winning in the casino and that there was enough for everybody.

For you that would like to try: look at what is awaiting you the same evening:

Working on Valborg

Suomenlinna is not only the best place to go for a pic nic from the city or to go read a novel away from everything in the summer.
At winter, the shipyard becomes busy from the work done on old wooden sailing ships. The very old looking dry docks are filled with the finest ships you can find around Finland and the long necessary work begins, going from changing most of the hull to painting a bit the visible nails (I did that part).

Many thanks to the people of Valborg!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

En meute - bike trip to Nuuksio

... et retrouver des vieux et doux souvenirs, tous sur son vélo, en bande dans la fin du jour à faire route vers la forêt. Du coup j'ai rien à écrire, tout est là: