Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Sunday biking

After a month of very limited sunshine, I hoped on my bike as soon as I saw that the sky was clearing out last Sunday. Direction Arabianranta, kalasatama and Mustikkamaa.

Only plastic roses are eternal.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Skiing the Päijänne.

Expedition from Messilä to Isosaari, Päijänne.

We felt like skiing for a long time in the middle of nowhere. We headed for two day of skiing on the frozen lake of Vesijärvi and Päijänne for the week-end. Motivation was evident, a mökki and a sauna were waiting our visit on Isosaari. We started from Messilä early on Saturday morning and crossed Vesijärvi from south to north. It was quite busy actually; hordes of fishermen, cars, kite skiers, dog skiers... We were the only ones that care to move by our own means it seems. We walked through Vääksy to reach the majestic and pristine Päijänne and from there, it was a long way left, with only few islands between us and our destination to orientate. The snow was falling gently, visibility was decreasing hour by hour and our goal seemed to become more and more distant. It all became abstract and requested a lot of focus to keep going on without landsight.

All hardship was forgotten, when we started to prepare an excellent sauna and lots of hot water. The steam felt good and we managed to forget that we had to do the way back the following day. We spent a night of extremely deep sleep, which was needed for the next day.

The return trip was harder, without excitement of the new destination and the snow started to stick to the skis, making progress strenuous. (We took a bus from Vääksy to Lahti to help a bit). When we finally reached the car, we were happy to arrive. Ahah.

P.S: Thank to the Messilä policemen that didn't bother us to much on Saturday at 8 am when we were taking breakfast after packing the tent. They were actually amused by the unexpecting meeting. I do not wish to thank the guy that  made a phone call to them.

Camping by Vesijärvi

Florian looking far away, protecting his eyes from the sun (do you believe me?).
Yeah the landscape were very exciting. In this kind of situation, imagination helps.
Quite a clear direction to follow for the next hour, isn't it?

Sauna warms up.

Happy to arrive!