Thursday, March 3, 2011

Helsinki by ski II

Going out from work, I waxed my skis, met a friend and went on the frozen sea. The day was ending, the sky packed with a dense layer of cloud, there was an indoor atmosphere with the light of day fading. We left the bright, glassy buildings of Technopolis to go south of Lautasaari. The landscape became lonely and almost untouched by humans. Some mökki (summer cottage) well integrated in the forests of the island, a vast plain of ice with a perfect snow for skating. Exactly what I like about this capital, half an hour of skiing and there is absolutely nobody around you. Approching the centre of Helsinki, the islands around became more urbanized and suddenly one of the ferries to Tallinn popped up from behind an island. Covered in bright light it was like a fantastic kind of a phantom ship. 01.03.2011.

The GPS track.

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