Saturday, February 11, 2012

Down the ice are the made (burbot fishing)

It was a strange Friday night in Helsinki winter. I met four guys on a parking at dusk all geared up for the cold cold night. We drove an hour behind Porkkala. We added some extra cloth until we looked barely recognizable and walked to the ice. Far from the city lights, the stars were bright and we were all shadow moving on snow.
There we meet another group of shadows, bend over the ice, silent. A brief talk in Finnish. Sounds promising, the guys caught already two burbots (made: fi, lotte: fr). We went a bit further, dig our holes in the ice, add some fish baits to the hooks. And very attentive, we moved our baits just over the sandy bottom. For hours. Moving the toes inside the boots to warm them up,imaging all these burbots so close under the ice, watching our breath freeze and be carried away by the breeze. Moving from an hole to an other.Exchanging a few words with new fisherman coming for their luck.

Four hours later, the cold took over our hopes and we left we a single too small made back to the car, leaving the beautiful frozen night behind us. 10.02.2012

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