Saturday, February 23, 2013

Sub24 February edition - skiing to Nuuksio

A special sub24 edition: only on ski, destination Nuuksio. Well the concept didn't gathered a big crowd. Only Tuisku and me were at the meeting point.

Departure from an unknown train station, Tuomarila, already at night. Finding the tracks wasn't so easy but rewarded us of a nice walk by the big roads. Once the tracks were found, the trip become smoother. It was a slow shade of landscapes from the suburbs of Espoo, to some highway area near Bemböle to finally enter in the big sub24 temple: the forest of Nuuksio. I felt humble skiing in the night among all these tall and old spruces. We had enough light from the reflection of the light of the city on the clouds.

We woke up after a cosy night in Sulalampi and headed towards Luukki. And it was a surprise to me to see how bewitchingly beautiful this small lost ski track is. Very inspiring.

Looking forward for another long overnight skiing trip. We learned that jesusteippi deserves its nickname. Just tape your foot which threats to form a blister and the miracle works.

  Meeting point and departure.

One sub24-er fixing a puncture.

Towards the end

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