Saturday, June 8, 2013

Kayak trip and the art of making a stove.

Kayak trip with Stefano Friday after work. We headed to Torra Lövö on Friday with very easy sea conditions. Stefano being a gourmet, he had planned a three-course dinner, bruschetta, tomato-mozzarella salad and leak risotto. Unfortunately my stove decided to be incompatible with my new fuel which made the long simmering of the risotto a challenge. We ended up doing that on a wood fire. Old technologies work too.
On the morning, I failed again to light up my stove. Exasperated, I picked up a can from the trash to improvise a DIY stove for the morning tea. How that tea tasted like never tea did before. Warmed up from the stove made by my little hands!
The second day, the sea got more playful with us, half-meter waves and 6 m/s wind. We made some islands hoping to take brakes at shelter and ended up having our lunch on Mäntykari. (My improvised stove managed the cooking and 20-minute simmering of the lentils-proud!).
Should I repeat it? Again the Helsinki archipelago was a delight, the light of the nightless night is amazing and this city has so much to offer to outdoor enthusiasts. 7-8.06.2013

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  1. DIY is the best. Always reqrding, even when it fails :)