Sunday, December 15, 2013

Sunday promenade: Arabiaranta-Herttoniemi-Kalasatama

The winter is hesitating. Short frost time, small snow falls, rain, warm temperature, not good succession. Today is Sunday, there is blizzard outside but I cannot resist to go for a promenade with my bike in the dim light to see the winter biting piece by piece the city. Departure from Vallila, then Arabiaranta, sight of the sea and of the winter pattern, then Vihki and Herttoniemi, beautiful path in the forest, fun slopes to climb and go down. Crossing the Kuulosaari bridge, the blizzard is indeed very aggressive there, but I push further to see what is going on in the Kalasatama area. The place looks desolated, the strong wind have blow half of the signs to the ground and same for the graffiti panels. Abandoned, remote and beautiful look. On my way home, I decide to visit some very fancy sea side flats in the newly build neighbourhood. I go back home through Verkkosaari to see some more graffiti and maybe some extraordinary wind damage?

An approximative map of the Sunday promenade.

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