Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Vallila in the fog.

 Vallila is a district with many faces. Puuvallila is made of beautiful wooden family house, all painted in different tone. Walking there just making you feel good, it is about the magical aura of wood. There is the large block around a single yard, like mine built in 1923. The central yard gives to the about hundred flats a feeling of community, something which is getting rare. All that was built for the workers that were leaving in the area. Today industry is gone, however a distinct proletarian feeling stays and some newcomers are giving preparing the Resurrection of Vallila. We can find now many artists’ workshops, designer studios, a coffee roasting factory and so on. A wind of change is coming.

On top of that, the locomotive and train car factory (Pasilan konepaja) area has not changed much since a century. Beautiful brick buildings, which are presently underused. Last Sunday, I paid a visit to them. Well it was a bit gloomy with the melting snow, the fog and the total absence of human beings. But still nice to feel the stories and the history of the place.

Ah and I forgot to say what I like best about Vallila : the Meira spice factory and Kulta Katrina coffee roasting factory. Depending on where the wind blows, you can smell somewhere in the neighbourhood the smell of fresh roasted coffee. And when I come back from work on my bike on noisy and stinky Sturenkatu, I am sometimes welcomed home by a powerful cinnamon smell, like if Vallila was a korvapuusti paradise.


But don't take me wrong, Vallila has also very merry faces.

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