Saturday, January 30, 2016

A bit of hope: Ei rasismia minun nimissäni

Usually this blog is more about the nice outdoor and nature trip that can be done around Helsinki, but let's make a bit of an exception.

2015 has seen a large increase in the number of asylum-seekers in Finland. On the one hand, it has  triggered noble reactions with a lot of help offered to them but on the other hand a large amount of hate speech and racism. For a lot of us, it has been sad to see the atmosphere degrade so much.

This Saturday, a small demonstration was organized in Helsinki: "ei rasismia minun nimissäni" (no racism in my name). Its aim is to oppose hate speech and racism, and more precisely, against the use of women to justify racism.  At the same time, an anti-immigration demonstration was taking place a kilometer from there.

It felt relieving to be there and to be surrounded by people that stand for value of love, openness and acceptance. Among people who believe that we are stronger by sticking together than by focusing hatred on a small and weak group of the society. Among people who believe that being human means something more than defending their own territory and fearing that somebody else take their food. Let's stand for our dignity and let's keep courage and love.

Rohkeutta ja rakkautta. Courage and love.

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